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Please note that this is a post I’ve written back in 2015, when I was ~14 years old (an 8th grade student).

It has been a long time ago since the last post, That’s because I’m being so busy programming the level editor.

I have uploaded various development videos to Youtube to see what I have done, And then created a playlist for them, There are 3 new videos and an old one motioned in the old post.

That was a lot of hard work to make it with clean, simple GUI !

Things have been done:

  • Clean, simple GUI
  • Code drawn grid
  • Quick object select bar
  • New,Save and Load buttons
  • Infinite maps
  • Zoom In/Out with mouse scroll
  • Snap-To-Grid object creation
  • Static Rectangle
  • Soft ball to play with
  • Object options for customization of their properties
  • Custom error screen with bug reports
  • Level System API

Things to be done for the demo:

  • Ability to delete objects
  • Level spawn
  • Connected levels system
  • Rectangles color option
  • Player customization
  • Test mode
  • Main menu
  • Add music/sounds to the game

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