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Please note that this is a post I’ve written back in 2015, when I was ~14 years old (an 8th grade student).

Hey everyone :) , I’m back, Sorry for being too late :(, But i have some good news !

I started working on CJForge, It’s an engine upgrade to concerned joe that brings advanced modding to it, The main reason to start it is that Xelu is no longer updating concerned joe, For now i’m only documenting all the files in CJ files, If you want to see what i have done visit http://github.com/ramilego4game/cjforge/.

Sorry for not posting updates to Pixelizerbox, But now I have some changes to show :

I decided to create a new options menu to replace the 2 frames, It’s still under coding, But you can see what I have done :

image image

As you see now there is a toolbar at the top that haves 4 button, And a Menu that is toggle-able, For now you see only the objects menu, But then I’ll add objects options (Like: Static, Bouncy, Density, Mass, etc…..), I wish I may release this update maybe after 3 days.

That’s all for today, See you tomorrow 😀


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