Rami Sabbagh

The main writer of this (my personal) blog. Feel free to message/email me! (although I might reply late).

Self Introduction

I’m an IT engineer who has been programming for about ~9 years now. Made my first game at the age of ~13.

Previously created LIKO-12, an open-source programming environment that felt like old computers, inspired by PICO-8, Commodore 64 and little bit of DOS.

Interested in computers, LEGO, Raspberry Pi, math and some of electronics.

Hacking the TypeScript compiler to keep the code clean

Auto generating code at each compile with extracted type information.
10 mins read
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LIKO-12 Doodle #1 • PowderV1.2

A tutorial on creating a simple powder doodle in LIKO-12.
8 mins read
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Physicsgun Update

Updates on PixelizerBox with a youtube video. (The final one indeed)
One min read

Eid Mubarak

A pixelart Eid Mubarak image.
One min read
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What's going on!

Updates on PixelizerBox with a youtube video and a tasks list.
One min read

Skipping the prototype stage!

Updates on PixelizerBox with a youtube video.
One min read

PixelizerBox V0.1.3.0 Update (Modding Support)

An announcement about a new update for PixelizerBox being published on itch.io.
One min read
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Welcome Back Everyone!

An announcement about returning to programming and some updates on the projects I have been working on.
One min read
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Hibernating All Computers

An announcement about suspending programming until the school tests are over.
One min read

Hello world!

The first blog post ever.
One min read