Rami Sabbagh

Passionate. Self-learner. Interested in AI.

Self Introduction

I’m an IT engineer who has been programming for about ~9 years now. Made my first game at the age of ~13.

Previously created LIKO-12, an open-source programming environment that felt like old computers, inspired by PICO-8, Commodore 64 and little bit of DOS.

Interested in computers, LEGO, Raspberry Pi, math and some of electronics.

About This Blog

This is a hobby blog where I may write random posts related to computers and possibly anything.


Hacking the TypeScript compiler to keep the code clean

Auto generating code at each compile with extracted type information.
10 mins read
Featured Image

LIKO-12 Doodle #1 • PowderV1.2

A tutorial on creating a simple powder doodle in LIKO-12.
8 mins read
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Physicsgun Update

Updates on PixelizerBox with a youtube video. (The final one indeed)
One min read

Eid Mubarak

A pixelart Eid Mubarak image.
One min read
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What's going on!

Updates on PixelizerBox with a youtube video and a tasks list.
One min read


Software Engineer

Rachis Systems · Damascus, Syria
April 2023 - present
  • Started as a part-time employee then switched to a freelancer relationship.
  • Created a RPC library for bi-directional communication between Unity & Python.
  • Created an algorithm for detecting deformation in a gear.
  • Created wg-2hop-install, a VPN with customized configuration for routing traffic into a gateway through a relay.


  • Studying for a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology Engineering (expected to finish in 2024).
  • Starting from the 4th year I’m focusing my study on Artificial Intelligence.
  • Participated with 2 other colleagues in DCPC 2020 and acquired the 14th place.
  • Participated alone in SCPC 2020 unofficially and acquired the 52nd place.

Open-source Developer

LIKO-12 · (the internet)
2016 - 2018

Created and maintained LIKO-12 for 3 years. An open-source “fantasy computer”, or a retro-looking programming environment suitable for learning. Inspired by PICO-8, Commodore 64 and little bit of DOS.

  • Reached 1.1k stars over the years!
  • Supported Windows, Linux, macOS and Android.
  • ~2,688 commits, ~42,660 lines of code.
  • ~11,816 downloads on GitHub, ~11.4k on itch.io.